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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The last day of the working week for us desert dwellers in the sands of Arabia. More like Friday for the Paleface. Thank God its Wednesday!

Started off with a bang in the loo early in the morning. Need to consult a gastro, perhaps? Too much bleeding, after so many years! Didn't even eat anything spicy yesterday.

Very relaxed day at the office, as all Wednesdays, usually, are. Most staff are in casuals, chatting and discussing their weekend plans and activities.

Following up on the installation of the MS Windows 2008 OS on five SUN Servers for the Oracle Hyperion and Symantec Backup solutions that are planned for the coming weeks. Some issues related to Oracle drivers being sorted out by the techies, will be resolved by Saturday, hopefully.

Second day of the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway. Keeping a close eye on the happenings on Twitter. Flooding of the Mississippi sounds very alarming and scary. The hard times those folks have to face year in and year out is sad, especially for a developed and progressive nation.

The morning after is always fantastic. Life gets back to normal. Sometimes, even better. You learn something new every single day about people and their petty politics.

"Theres no pleasure without pain", said the Monkey dating a Porcupine.

Just finished a Tuna Fish Sandwich lunch washed down with Papaw and Green Tea prepared by my daughter Nadia. Good stuff. Thanks baby.

Need a well deserved rest this weekend. Cricket and snooze.

Posted this pic of a book, essentially for men, titled "How to understand Women?", on FB which is receiving lots of heavy flak from the ladies on my contact list.

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