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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Best Day of the Week

Thursday has gotta be the best day of the week for anyone living in the Arabian desert. Wake up late, attend to domestic chores lazily, late bfast, browse email, listen to music, and most of all, dont have to get out of the sarong. Ahhh! give me more Thursdays, please. Why cant we have 2 in the week?

Fixed the shower curtain which maria had brought down last week. Laundry is spinning its usual weekend melody. Gave my fishy babies a fresh load of water, cleaning the fish bowl (actually its a cylinder thats about 2 feet high and 1 foot in diameter). They never fail to swim up and do their lambada, like a prayer, every morning when I feed them at 6. They know their Daddy well. I wish they could speak. Maybe they do but I don't understand?

Listening to some great old tracks on Gold FM UK, online. Super channel for oldies who are young at heart. You don't have to look at me like that!

5.2 Earthquake in southern Spain being splashed across all international TV this morning. Pics of cars crushed under rubble is horrifying. The planet is under siege, it seems. And we still choose to haggle inside?

Congress General Secretary and son of Sonia & Rajiv Ghandi, Rahul Ghandi arrested by Mayawathie cops in Greater Nodia, UP, for joining the poor farmers in their agitation for land rights. Interesting to note that Rahul slipped into UP riding on a pillion of a mo-bike to avoid being detected since Mayawathie and her Govt had put a clamp on entry to decry the farmers protests. Rahul comments, "I am ashamed to be an Indian", after seeing the poor farmers plight, which has raised many an eyebrow in Mother India. tsk tsk Looks like Mayawathie has crowned Ghandi as King by a slip of her saree.

Protests in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are heating up as usual. When will they ever learn?

Sri Lankan Government increases retirement age for public servants from 55 to 57. Now, you can get older inside your sleeping compartment.

Watching the IPL game being played between Chennai and Delhi Daredevils which the former are bound to win the way its going so far.

Started working on an story titled, "Humping the Hitters" this morning. It deals with people who "hit on" others with the intent of satisfying their physical desires. An idea that popped up in my head last evening.

Not had a good day where my tummy is concerned since yesterday. Still feeling the aftermath with headache and nausea. Will probably hit the sack early tonight.

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