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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ant in the Loo

Was on the potty this morning thinking about the days events. A small black ant was on one of the white floor tiles running hither and thither. Caught my attention and took my mind off everything else. Watched the feller going round in circles, his feelers stretched out as if searching for something. Every time he hit the edge of the tile he backed off and started moving in another direction. Seemed to me that he wanted to move out of the tile to the next one but something at the edges of the tile kept him back. Could it have been the disinfectant that was use to clean the toilet floor that had got wedged in the separation of the tiles? He never gave up. By the time I had finished my bath and was leaving he was still at his task. I made sure I didnt step on him.

What struck me most was his perceiverance. He never gave up. I even wondered why he doesnt have to suffer from a back ache like I do? Or have to attend the presentation at 10 am, or attend to Abdullah's school symposium at 12:30 pm?

What would it be like to be an ant?

But then, on second thoughts, do I really want to be stuck on a 4-square piece of white marble tile on a  bathroom floor at 6:00 am not knowing how to get out? I dont think so.

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