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Sunday, January 13, 2013

When I'm 64?

(apologies to J,P,G & R)

Just one more year, and I hope to be there,
Singing the same old songs.
Will we still be having our peace of mind,
Sunshine over us , waters so kind?
Will there be roses, blooming all day
will fauna still freely flow?
Will there be hunger,
Will there be pain,
When I'm 64?

And in the future, as we move on,
Will the killings all cease?
Will the people choose the same old wrongs,
Damning democracies, banging their gongs?
Will there be nations, killing their sons,
Infusing  revolutions?
Will there be sweetness,
Will there be love,
When I'm 64?

Where will all the good folks gather to meet and to greet, 
Or will life be filled with so much pain?

When the clock strikes to catch the last train,
Will we be let down?
Will the young people who brandish their guns
Keep on shooting and make us all run?
Will the task masters keep hunting us down,
making us look like clowns.
Will they still be there,
Will they treat us fair,
When I'm 64?

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