My babies - last of the Mohiccans

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I am Nothing

the boys would play cricket with gusto
on the streets down to the sea
the ones who gathered together
when we got home after school
to frolic in the sun before homework
followed by my mother's calling
before she prepared the evening meal
listening to the nightly radio
as we laughed and sang to the tunes
of Hit Parade and Sunday Choice
we would laugh when she called
delaying the game a little longer
would joke and tease would say
that I don't want to drink the soup
would laugh because she would insist
that we have to wash before meals
and stay silent at the table
and she cleaned up and put us to bed
the beach on Sunday morning was cool
and Mums lunch after was grand
time flowed with comfort and smiles
people walked in and out without asking
no one complained life was just rolling
vendors knocked on doors, making their bread
and another day began to a bright yellow sun
the sound on the street was deafening
yet nobody heard or cared
just a speck of life that we were a part of
life that we lived well with all of the peoples
never for a moment questioning identity
like all other life on earth
a simple life form, that's what we were

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