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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Now I'm 64

When we first met and started the show,
many moons ago,
You were willing to slave through the night,
and I was so willing to give it a fight.
We were still growing and in still our teens
The world seemed so small and shallow
Yet you still needed me
You were still feeding me\r\nlong before sixty four

We are older now
And we will make it through, even if its just me and you.

Forty years gone and still on the road,
we are still moving on,
How much more time will there be left?
Days are so fleeting,
Nights move beyond.
Ignore the snores and even the gas,
Please put the cat out the door,
Will you still need me
Will you still feed me
Now that I'm 64?

The girls have all grown up and the grand kids are here,
We are so proud today.
And we just hope that they will both grow,
strong enough to move through the years.

Life has been good, the days have gone by,
Rainbows in the sky.
Waiting for the train to take us back home,
looking through the window, enjoying the sights.
Whats on the other side, nobody knows,
Yet we will be alright.
As long as you need me,
As long as you feed me,
Now that I'm 64.

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