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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Human Behavior – Lesson I

Every human has 3 vital ego states in their mind

Dr Eric Berne’s research on transactional analysis classifies them as:


Every statement we make or action we execute is a TRANSACTION (T)

Every feedback we get to that Transaction is a RESPONSE (R)

Let’s take a simple case study. I will use abbreviations as shown above

Husband: "Where are my car keys. I cant find them anywhere"

This is a genuine Transaction (T)

Wife: "You are always leaving your keys here and there all the time and asking me to find them"
This is a Response

The husband’s T was a genuine Adult to Adult request
The wife’s R was a typical Parent to Child one

So if u put

husband                wife
P                              P
A                              A
C                              C

For husband on left side and same for wife on right side u can draw a line for the A to A Transaction of the husbands request.

And u can draw a line from the wife's P to the Husbands C for her Response

So A to A horizontal Transaction line is being crossed by P to C of wife’s Response

Now when the T line is crossed by the R line there will be conflict

If the wife chose to say "OK lets look for it together it must be somewhere around here" then that would be an A to A response.

When the two lines are parallel and do not cut each other there is good relationship and no conflict
So the wife’s response wasn't typical of a mature lady

Temper also comes from insecurity
To flare up n cover the guilt feeling
The other is IMPATIENCE

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