My babies - last of the Mohiccans

Thursday, September 20, 2012



Bless you Papa,

for sowing the seed that germinates life

within this beautiful world.


Bless you Mama,

for nurturing life and bringing it forth

with a miraculous birth.


Bless you Brother,

for reaping the fruits that ripen with time

amidst laughter and love. 


Bless you Sister,

for supporting the family in good times and bad

with a love that’s so tender.


Shame you Papa,

for running it all and seeing it decay

with fire and turmoil.

Shame you Mama,

for wasting each day and letting it all

turn into strife and sorrow.


Shame you Brother,

for sitting in silence and serving us all

with a bitter tomorrow.


Shame you Sister,

for the insecure life that has failed us wthin

and sees no good future.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2005 

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