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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Human Personality & Character

I think it is very easy to determine the real personality and character of a human being by simply observing the way he drives a vehicle on the road. many are the times I have encountered people, supposedly considered to be righteous and pure, who have displayed a terrible attitude and disposition on the road when behind a wheel. This morning too was a very good example when a middle aged dude sporting a long white beard and cap simply barged into my lane from a by road without even hesitating to pause and see for any traffic passing by. I was truly amazed to see him smiling behind his wheel insulting his "holy" beard and cap.

It has also been my experience, in Saudi Arabia especially, to see the faithful returning from prayer in the Mosques and then getting behind the wheel and turning into instant Satan's on the road.

What does this really teach us?

Their "holiness" is truly fickle and resides, momentarily, within their warped minds only.

So sad, but true!

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