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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Sunday Morning

Woke up this morning with a headache and it reminded me of an old song from the 60s titled "Some Sunday Morning' whose lyrics went like this:-

Some Sunday morning it's going to be
Some Sunday morning for someone and me.
Bells will be chiming an old melody,
Spec'lly for someone and me.
There'll be an organ playing,
Friends and relations will stare,
Say, can't you hear them saying,
"Gee, what a peach of a pair!"
Some Sunday morning we'll walk down the aisle,
He'll be so nervous and I'll try to smile,
Things sure look rosy for someone and me,
Some Sunday morning, you'll see.

Looked up Youtube and came across three versions of the old song as follows:-
The last one from Wayne Newton being the hit during our time in the 60's while the other two way beyond that era. Enjoy!

Listened to an old recording of the great master of Calypso, Harry Belafonte and enjoyed his rendition of "Cotton Fields" and "Going Down". Lots of wonderful memories from the old days at Bamba.


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