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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mind over Heart

Interesting discussion on FB on Mind over Heart. Some folks dream on3that the heart is an organ with feelings. When will they ever grow up from their pigtail days of love stories and fiction?

Some cut n pastes from the FB thread that started the discussion today:
Original post was from Malinda Seneviratne quoting this link to one of his articles in the local newspapers as follows:- writes about the beautiful-attitudes:

Fazli Sameer You may now think about titling your articles with the line, "In the beginning..."
Malinda Seneviratne wonderful idea! thanks...

Nancy Fernando Excellent! It's now 6.45am in London, my first reading for the day and I was inspired, Malinda.It goes well with my cup of coffee.Malinda Seneviratne i am 'sugar' now? or 'milk'? :) 
Nancy Fernando Both, more milk less sugar as I am sweet enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fazli Sameer You could even be the stirrer?
Malinda Seneviratne as in agent provocateur, an insurgent, mischief-maker? :)
Nancy Fernando You are fast one Fazli! Maybe it's not 6.45 am over there.I for one sleep walk till noon..
Nancy Fernando All 3 rolled in one, Malinda.
Nancy Fernando Makes a good cocktail ah!
Malinda Seneviratne and when i am consumed....the consumers would be satisfied....and i would be gone. forever. :)
Fazli Sameer Pleasing the consumer is the object of the commodity together with all its condiments, before it gets recycled back into the cycle.
Malinda Seneviratne profound fazli....extremely profound!
Nancy Fernando No,Malinda , thats where you are wrong, just make sure like the prophets of old you will be able . satisfy 5000 with single bottle of arrack
Nancy Fernando Like you new profile picture, honestly I do , just makes me feel you had a long hard night.Ha!!
Nancy Fernando Fazil, you are too profound for me so early in the morning.But stay that way, please do
Malinda Seneviratne it will take some time (or lifetimes) until i can change my name to Malinda Jalal ad-Din Seneviratne.
Nancy Fernando How did you know he is my favourite man sage.?
Malinda Seneviratne all nights are hard nancy. even days. they are soft too. like two waves of different colour, blending. makes one dizzy even as they calm. strange
Fazli Sameer ‎@Nancy The Prophets have come and gone. Times have changed. The essence of supply and demand are different now. In this century its the choices people make to consume according to their needs that prevails. Thats not too profound to digest early in the morning? @Malinda Whats in a name?
Nancy Fernando Fazil, don't tortue me. I just told you I sleep walk till noon.
Malinda Seneviratne name, in this instance, indicated a philosophical 'to-be' place. prophets are so named, typically, after they are crucified.
Fazli Sameer ‎@Malinda of course yes, and you can still be wherever you want to be as long as you make that conscious choice @Nancy Am leaving you to your slumber sojourns until you are wide awake to ingest the rest of the "profoundity"
Nancy Fernando In Malaysia where I come from I wake up at five and go to the gym. Here I sleep till 6am and work quitely at the computer till my sis wakes up at 9am, so Fazli forgive me for being slow,besides I am also dealing with a friend from Alabama.
Renton de Alwis ‎@ Malinda ...You are blessed indeed.... Evan Mesuthan ...
Nancy Fernando Malinda, when I get back to Malaysia I will be 3 hours ahead of you, so I will be one up on you.
Nancy Fernando Ha! so Renton has joined us.Good morning Renton.Your photos on tree roots just facinated me. Good pictures go ahead with the book.Now fro my second cup of coffee.
Fazli Sameer Alabama? I hope your friend is free from the raging twisters in that region? To be ahead or behind of one another is only a projection of a time machine that hangs on the wall. Einstein was right in the first place
Nancy Fernando Yes my dear I know abou that, see you woke me up up!!!!!
Fazli Sameer you fell into the trap with your eyes closed missy. Must be that second cuppa that did the trick. Thank you Albert!
Nancy Fernando Aren't you fellows working or are you chaps working from home. Malinda decided to back off ah!
Renton de Alwis Good morning too to you Nancy ... and as for me I am in and out ...glad you liked my tree art...
Fazli Sameer All work and no play ... I am retired and enjoying the evening of my life although I do engage in some private IT consulting which forces me to stay online most week days
Nancy Fernando Renton,please think about that book, and do what your heart tell you to do.

Fazli Sameer The heart is the enemy of the mind, remember!
Nancy Fernando I am 60%heart and 40% mind
Fazli Sameer Thats the problem with women. They put the cart before the horse. I am 100% mind. The heart is just a mechanical pump that sends blood to where its needed. Keep it that way.
Nancy Fernando When money comes into the picture, my husband will tell you that it willbe120% mind,and heart disappears.
Nancy Fernando Men are from Mars and women from Venus. We just stay pretty for you fellows and you give us the cards to do it, buth curry does not come into the picture,It will be too much for our waist lines, we leave it for you men
Fazli Sameer There again, the "pretty" factor is a product of the heart. If you go by the mind, then, all women are pretty. Thats my take!
Nancy Fernando That's a lot of bull****.You must be walking with your eyes closed.
Fazli Sameer OK. then explain "pretty", in simple terms, please. I need an education, possibly
Nancy Fernando PRETTY physically and spritually.You can be both,I assure you.Good to look at and good to be with.Sweet and gentle and the man must look forward to come home to you even though he has been married to you for 40 years.
Fazli Sameer How does one achieve that if the minds dont match?
Nancy Fernando I know many women who work hard at being both and men also.
Fazli Sameer True enough you can make the attempt. However, it may not always produce the desired results. Again, its the mind that has to make the call. The heart is too busy pumping blood.
Nancy Fernando When I say heart I mean the spritual side not the physical. I f i going to be bogged down with money matters, or how to make ends meet I will bo so stressed out to be nice to anyone.
Nancy Fernando You men are not sensitive enough Fazli, the heart is for love and the mind to find ways and means as to how to survive in this harsh world of ours, without jeperdising our values.
Fazli Sameer Why cant we love with our minds?
Nancy Fernando Oh Fazli, come on, its the mind that gets it going
Fazli Sameer exactly, thats why its the mind that loves, the mind that stays, and the poor old mind that chooses to leave. there is nothing spiritual inside a heart. thats more like coming from a pulpit?
Nancy Fernando OK,OK,OK,I love you with all my heart and mind
Fazli Sameer lol, eseyma wewaa! again you put the cart before the horse aney?

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